Visual Inspection (VT)

TTIS Ventures Pvt. Ltd. provides visual testing services for many industries and assets. Our experts inspect equipment with their eyes to determine any visual defects. TTIS Ventures Pvt. Ltd. performs visual inspections in compliance with multiple industry codes and regulations.
The quality and expertise of the inspector is essential in visual testing. TTIS Ventures Pvt. Ltd. provides well trained and certified inspectors to evaluate the condition of your assets based on years of industry experience and familiarity with the damages most likely to affect your equipment.

Naked Eye Visual Inspection

Visual inspections are often the first technique that TTIS Ventures Private Limited utilizes at the outset of a project. Visual inspections are a useful tool to gauge the scope of corrosion, cracking, leaking, and other damages, enabling TTIS Ventures Private Limited to more effectively plan what inspection and maintenance services are required.

Visual inspections can be conducted on any assets that show visible forms of degradation, including:

  • Piping

  • Storage Tanks

  • Boilers

  • Vessels

  • Welds

TTIS Ventures Private Limited inspector will visually examine these assets and compare them to documented equipment drawings and previous inspection reports (if no formal documentation is available, TTIS Ventures Private Limited creates them for you). The inspector makes note of any areas of concern, and depending on the findings, may recommend more advanced techniques to determine the damage’s scope.

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) (Videoscopy)

TTIS Ventures Private Limited also offers remote video testing services using flexible borescopes and videoscopes, which are video tools that can be used to visually inspect asset interiors and those in hard-to-access locations as well as evaluate discontinuities or other degradation not visible to the naked eye. The observations can then be evaluated based on the relevant codes or norms.


  • Evaluation of small dimension flaws;

  • Reaches difficult to access areas;

  • Comprehension of various degradation phenomena.

Drones, Crawlers and Rovers

TTIS Ventures Private Limited provides visual testing with the help of suitable drones, crawlers and rovers. With the help of these specialized equipment, visual inspection of hard to reach places can be performed with ease and safety. Locations such as the insides of tubes and pipes; or infrastructure setup high above the ground can be inspected without the need for scaffolding or having inspection personnel dangling down to the testing location wearing safety harnesses.


  • Quick and thorough inspection of difficult to reach places

  • Detailed image and video recording of the entire test area

  • Besides Visual Testing; Drones, Crawlers and Rovers can be fitted with a variety of other probes allowing for other advanced and specialized analysis techniques